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Navigating the Tightrope: Juggling Entrepreneurship and Single Motherhood

Balancing Business and Motherhood

Being a single mother and an entrepreneur is like being a juggler in a high-wire act, where each ball represents a different aspect of your life. At Alirae Agency, I've learned a few tricks on how to keep these balls in the air without losing my balance.

  1. Establish a Routine: Balancing a business and motherhood is challenging. Establishing a solid daily routine helps. This includes set working hours, dedicated family time, and most importantly, some 'me' time. It's not just about managing time, but also about managing energy.

  2. Lean on Your Community: As a believer in God, my faith community has been a cornerstone of support. Don't hesitate to seek help, whether it's for business advice, child care, or just a listening ear. Online forums, local parenting groups, and church communities can be invaluable.

  3. Embrace Technology: Tools like Asana for project management and Zoom for virtual meetings can streamline your work process. For parenting, apps like Cozi or FamilyTime help keep track of family schedules and activities.

  4. Prioritize Self-Care: It's not selfish to take care of yourself; it's necessary. Whether it's a short prayer, a quick workout, or reading a book, find what replenishes you.

Remember, you're not alone in this journey. If you're feeling overwhelmed, consider our coaching services at Alirae Agency. We specialize in supporting women like you, helping to catalyze your life to the next level.


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