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At Alirae, we fully understand the crucial role of building, growing, maintaining, and scaling your business with ease, efficiency, structure, and effectiveness.


Our team of innovative, productive, and savvy women is your one-stop-shop for high-level support, enabling you to focus on your business's vision and bringing it to life.


You have come to the right place for unparalleled assistance.


Startup Package

This package is for the woman entrepreneur who is looking to build a foundation for growth. If you’re a small business owner ready to set up your systems and team to hit the ground running – this package is for you!


Starting at $1500 per month 


If you’re ready to get your business started

up the right way...


Fill out the form below! 

Working Together

Small Business

This package is for the business owner who is ready to scale. 


Is this you?!


  • On the edge of burnout or feeling burnt out and ready to bring on a team so that you can breathe…

  • Ready for the next level in your business…

  • Doing ALL THE THINGS in your business but you’re ready to get out of the weeds of it all…


If you answered YESSS to all three – this package is for you!


This package is to scale the foundation you’ve already built and get you back to focusing on the vision.


Starting at $2500 per month 

If you’re ready for the Next Level in your business...


Fill out the form below! 

Business Meeting


For the mid-six figure woman business owner who is ready to get support on a much higher level and find a one-stop shop team to get it all done for them! Operations and team management, systems and automation, administrative support, bookkeeping and more. Our team will handle it ALL for you on the backend so that you can focus on the front end – bringing the VISION for your business to life!


We want you to be able to work in your zone of genius and absolutely love the work that you do.


We want you to step into your POWER as THE CEO. 


Having systems, processes, operations, and a team in place will not only give you time back but help you make more money! 


Are you ready?!


Starting at $5000 per month 


If you’re ready to step into your POWER in your business...

Business Women Planning

Feeling a little extra and need a custom package? We got you!

Not ready to commit but need help planning the direction you want your business to go?!

We’ve got you covered!

Book our Strategic Planning Sessions

In these sessions, we will be looking at your business in a high-level scope to refine, plan, and strategize the next 30 or 90 days of your business! We will cover ALL things internally and externally such as current processes, programs/offers, team, structure, finances, operations, and more! We will then provide you with a report that includes everything we spoke about and the next steps you need to take in order to bring your business to the next level! 

30-day Strategic Planning Session: Starting at $1,000 

90-day Strategic Planning Sessions: Starting at $2,500 


Payment Plans Available***

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