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Why fit in?

Business owners, we all have the desire to make a difference in this world. I mean, come on, what was it that got you started on this path in the first place? Did you have a desire to make an impact in the life of others, did you want to be the first millionaire in your family, or did you really just try to fall in line to just make a quick buck? If your answer was a quick buck, be honest, how is it working out for you? No offence (but really be offended) you just may not be cut out for this whole entrepreneur thing. Don’t get me wrong, I am searching for that HOME RUN, but I certainly understand that I may not find it today, tomorrow, or even a year from now. And that is OKAY! I am in it for the long haul. To give my kids an extra ordinary life. To leave a legacy behind. To show everyone still stuck in that small town that HEY, you can make a difference all you have to do is take that step! You can do WHATEVER you put your mind to! It won’t be easy. Hell, it won’t be pretty either, but it will be well worth the price of admission.

Now, I want to ask all of my fellow business owners, entrepreneurs, and founders – What impact are you planning to make today to stand out in your industry? We can all stay consumed in our own personal gain and if that is what you want, please stop reading and keep scrolling because this is NOT the message for you. We are the face of opportunity. We are the face of change. We have taken the step to say “This world can be so much better” and actually follow through. I ask you to stand out, be bold, be YOU.

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