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Finding Strength in Faith During Tough Times

In the stormiest times of our lives, our faith can be a beacon of hope. As a single mother and entrepreneur, my faith has been the bedrock that keeps me anchored.

  1. Daily Devotionals: Starting the day with a devotional sets a positive tone. It's a moment of peace before the day's chaos begins.

  2. Prayer as a Refuge: Prayer has been my refuge. It's not just about asking for strength, but also about expressing gratitude, which can shift your perspective significantly.

  3. Involving Kids in Faith: Sharing your faith with your children can be both a bonding experience and a way to instill values. Simple prayers before meals or bedtime can be a start.

  4. Finding a Supportive Community: A church or spiritual group can offer not just spiritual support but also practical help and advice.

If you're struggling to find balance and keep your faith strong, we at Alirae Agency are here to help. Our coaching services can guide you through these challenging times and help you grow both personally and professionally.


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